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Les Copains MFW Spring 2015

Stefania Bandiera, the latest designer to try her hand at Les Copains, got into the swing of things with an array of flaring jackets, tops and sweaters. They headlined a spring collection that skewed dressy, and occasionally felt tricky.

These loose and flaring tops varied in surface texture, from geometric patterns and jungle leaves that appeared as intarsia patterns on mesh knits all the way through to sparkly sequined jackets. Wide pants or flaring shorts finished off the looks.

There were sporty touches like drawstrings on cocooning evening popovers, and shirttails jutting out from jumpsuits bifurcated at the back.

Bandiera’s efforts to ignite the brand extended to an ambient scent concocted with Florentine perfumer Dr. Vranjes that wafted through the gilded salons of Palazzo Clerici. | via WWD



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everyone says they want a fairytale wedding but when i show up and curse their firstborn suddenly i’m the jerk

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Anonymous asked: maybe just a fairy type?



Awww <3

I wonder how the world would be if you had to take a test in order to be a parent. 

Like it would measure out how much you know about taking care of them physically. Then it would do the more mental stuff like how emotionally abusive you are. What are the common signs of anxiety/depression. all that good stuff

If you pass you get like a parent license or something

but then I wonder what would happen if you had a kid without getting the license. Would they charge you for it? Or would they just take the baby away?

That’s toooo craaaaazy man.

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